Coopération et ONG bénévole centrée sur l'éducation et les droits de l'homme qui opère en Gambie (Afrique) à travers des partenaires et des dons financiers

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Alianzas otras ONGs Gambia y España

In Gambia

Environmental awareness

Together with other NGOs we work on a cleaning and waste separation program in schools.

The program is completed with environmental talks to educational staff and students, as well as settling different activities such as cleaning days, of recycled material workshops, etc.

In addition, our volunteer programs include awareness activities such as visits to the landfill, beach cleaning and reforestation.

In Spain

We offer free help to other NGOs. in their digital integration, creating a web page, updating it if they already have on, or conducting webinars on social networks and SEO..

Collaborating companies

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