Cooperation and volunteer NGO focused on education and human rights that operates in The Gambia (Africa) through partners and economic donations

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La ITT Foundation manages two nursery schools in Gambia with more than 250 pupils 3 to 8 years old.

We improve infrastructure, provide materials, cover salaries, maintain canteens and improve the educational curriculum.

Los objetivos que nos planteamos son que los estudiantes alcancen la primaria con un nivel básico de inglés, dominando la lectura y la escritura y las operaciones básicas matemáticas. Así como la adquisición de buenos hábitos de higiene, rutinas de ejercicio físico y de juego cooperativo y educativo

Sare Bigi School

Escuela de Sare Bigi en Gambia
Sare Bigi School

Sare Bigi Bigi and the nearby villages have more than 100 children under the age of 8 There was no school in the area and they had to walk more than 5 kilometers to reach the nearest one.

In 2010, the first module of the school was built, which immediately became too small because it could only accommodate 60 children.

At the end of 2015, ITT built the a second module of classrooms for 120 more children.

Currently, there are about 100 children enrolled, between 3 and 8 years old,spread over 3 levels. The teaching team is made up of a director, 3 teachers, a watchman and the cook.

The school has a dining room and an orchard, where the children eat a quality meal a day and three glasses of milk a week.

Manduar School

Escuela de Manduar en Gambia
Manduar School

In 2016 we visited a school in Manduar with 170 students where the teachers were working without salary for more than a year.

Manduar became another project of the ITT Foundation and today the school has a principal, 5 teachers, two cooks, a watchman and a school canteen.

Among our objectives is to improve the school facilities.



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