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Proyectos de salud en Gambia

Health in schools

We pay attention to the students’ health needs.

Normally detected by the teachers, an evaluation by the health professional is carried out and, if needed, the treatment is paid for.

We encourage medical staff volunteers to come to Gambia to carry out periodic reviews of students and communities.

Sometimes we face serious illnesses that cannot be treated in Gambia or Senegal.

In these cases, we collaborate with other entities specialized in surgical intervention for children in Spain.

Yassim y compañeros del ITT en el Hospital Sant Joan de Deu
Yassim and colleagues from ITT at Hospital Sant Joan de Deu

Oral workshops

In Gambia sugar consumption is very high and oral hygiene and treatments are very low. We found that 90% of the students in the schools had cavities,some of them very serious. The only possible treatment in the country for this problem is the extraction

In this case, we reduce sugar consumption in schools and provide them with brushes and toothpaste for oral hygiene.

Talleres salud bucodental escuelas Gambia (África)

In addition, thanks to the voluntary collaboration of the the Gambian dentist Malick Jatta,we carry out dental check-ups and treatments on children regularly.

Dentista Gambiano Malick Jatta
Gambian dentist Malick Jatta


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