Our history

Primeros pasos Fundación ITT


At the end of 2015 ITT began to collaborate with the NGO Caminos Solidarios, building the second nodule of the Sare Bigi School. Thanks to this agreement with the association, it was possible to extend the project to a second school, Manduar. Although Manduar was already built and running, the staff was not perceiving their salary for more than a year and a half.

In 2017 the wall of Sare Bigi School is raised, this allows the creation of a garden that will supply the school canteen. This same year, and always hand in hand with "Caminos Solidarios", Yassin comes to Spain to undergo surgery for a serious heart disease that had no cure in Zambia.

In 2018, a group of volunteers, ITT staff, travels to Gambia to help in the construction and renovation of Manduar school.

Involvement in the country is increasingly and needs more commitment. In 2019 ITT settled the ITT Foundationto ensure efficient and transparent project management with field-based staff.


Working actively together with local associations in projects of health, education, environmental management, awareness and nutrition through sustainable cooperation, are among our objectives.

  • Caminos Solidarios Proyect:We work for social development in disadvantaged communities facilitating access to education.
  • Domoda Project: We improve nutrition by introducing nutrients that are scarce in the population's regular diets.
  • Non Bata Project: We provide healthcare to people in social exclusion.
  • Tubab Project: Transmitting the better knowledge of the assisted communities with the aim of eradicating racism and xenophobia.
  • Yarama Project: We establish collaborations with different NGOs specialized in other fields of action.