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Comedor escuela Sare Bigi Gambia

School canteens

In Gambia there are no widespread famines, but there are quite a few cases of “silent hunger”. Silent hunger is due to a deficiency in vitamins and other minerals like folic acid, iodine, iron, zinc and selenium causing malnutrition.

El Hunger directly affects intellectual development and school performance.This, added to poor health and low performance in any work activity, leads directly to a high exposure to poverty.

For these reasons we settled up canteens in our schools to ensure that students receive at least one quality meal a day.

"The malnourished of today are going to be the poor of tomorrow"

Community garden

In Sare Bigi we have an orchard with the aim of obtaining a varied and abundant harvest to self-manage the school canteen.

In this project we have the collaboration of the ONG Cultivant Vida and the invaluable work of Xavi Galindo.

Varieties planted: onions, tomatoes, banana trees, mandarins, orange trees, eggplant, cucumbers, and lettuces.

Huerto Comunitario escuela Sare Bigi
Sare Bigi community garden

Glass of milk

In addition to the daily meals they eat at school, students enjoy two glasses of milk a week.

In Gambia, it is rare to drink dairy milk. There are cows, but more for meat consumption.

Besides this, the lack of electricity supply in housing, therefore refrigerators, oblige to drink powdered milk much more expensive.

Vaso leche escuela Sare Bigi (África))


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